Mind set:

This applies to anything you do from now on! (Keep in mind this is based on thirty years of tried and true methodology, and can be applied to any task with great success) This should be the first and foremost requirement to any serious venture.

Spend some time to think about what you want to accomplish, as much time as it takes! Take a deep breath or two to clear your mind, because what I am about to tell you will allow you to make the best decisions in your life. Put aside all the things that trouble you and cause you to think about negative things, these are clouding your mind and affecting your judgment. Because, the information you are about to replace it with, will make them all go away. Seriously, sleep on it tonight so in the morning your mind is clear and some of this will sink in.

What I think about are: positive (happy) thoughts, where do I want to vacation, where should I send my college student next year, what color should my next new car be or maybe I’ll sign up for that flight school I’ve always wanted to attend.

Stop here: Just do it! (You will thank me in the morning, this much I can promise.)


(This is the part where you get your pen and paper out, and use them!)

These are essential to anything you want to accomplish, and they are used as a method to track your progress as you strive toward the ultimate result of the plan you have chosen to follow. We in the business world refer to them as “Mile Stones”.

A goal (or mile stone) can be anything from; “getting up out of bed an hour earlier each day to work on my business” to “One year from now, I will have a million dollars or more in my savings account”. It has been done before and you can also do it!

One important thing to remember is, you cannot reach the second one, until you complete the first. Look at it this way, mile stones are exactly what they sound like. Think about the last time you traveled on a freeway, or interstate. On the side of the roadway are little signs with numbers on them. They are mile markers, idncash you can count how many mile markers you see from where you enter the roadway, until you exit it. One thing for certain, you can’t reach the second until you’ve driven the mile it takes to get to it. You would have to be able to either travel at the speed of light or be able to travel in time to the future. Even if those modes of travel were possible, guess what you still reach one at a time. visit:-1. A recession takes you out of your comfort zone. So many times when we are in the routine of running our business we tend to stop taking risks. We stop looking for new ways to make the business better, because in our eyes the business is running just fine and we feel safe. But the fact is in every business, including an online businesses, there is a bit of risk. A recession helps to remind us of the risk we are taking when we run our own business. With this reminder we start looking for ways to continue to grow our business and keep it afloat. visit:-https://allblogsidea.com/ https://pankajbabu.com https://healthcareprotips.com/

A business is exactly like the scenario I just presented. Remember, (get out of bed earlier and having a million dollars in the savings account) one mile at a time will get you to the bank where the money is. Now for the hard part, I need you to think about a couple of things before we go to the next aspect of building the business you are considering. After all, you are reading this because you are serious about just that. Right?

Write this down, this is the meat and potatoes of the feast you are cooking up!

· Choose an ultimate goal for the first year’s end of your business..

It can be total revenues for the year or projected income per week, month, or year. Keep in mind several aspects; “don’t over do it” set your goal to a level you think you can achieve with the amount of time you have available. You may find some short cuts as you progress. This is something only you can decide. essay writing service

· Write down where you are now.

This is intended more for those who have an existing business, but do it anyway it will help you in some of the decisions you will encounter down the road.

· How many people are associated with your business directly.

Again this is intended more for those who have an existing business, but do it anyway it will help you in some of the decisions you will encounter as you progress. I’m talking about your wife, girlfriend, children or any partners you may perceive as part of your business.

· What resources are available for us (me) to start our (my) business?

This will take some time. I’m talking about money, office space, computers, phones, transportation office equipment, supplies, current expenses and whatever you think your business may require. You don’t have to spend the rest of your life doing this, it will help you plan your milestones.

· How much time between you and your partners are you willing to spend on your new venture.

This is easy try to be precise. You’ll find that sometimes this will automatically answer an important question for you. “Do I really need a partner?” This is one of the most important aspects of starting your new business. It will have the most effect. Note: The above information you just wrote down is to be regarded as confidential, to be used only by yourself and your business partners. If anyone ever asks you to disclose such information while discussing a product or services, the chances are very good that they are attempting to scam (hard sell) you or sell you something you don’t need. In the Internet business community we call this “phishing”. It is for you to plan your business.

“Congratulations you have just completed your first Milestone!”

Before we continue: I want to give you some valuable advice. One of the largest hurdles facing most business owners and partners is “FEAR”. That’s right, fear! It can destroy all your dreams and hopes of what you are about to endeavor. I want you to remember one thing, go back to the beginning of this document and complete the section “Mind Set” if you catch yourself getting caught up in the fear thing. Believe me when I say, by the time you complete reading this document you will have eliminated any chance of fear effecting your performance. Now we can get started on your business.

Business Plan:

One of the most valuable tools in any business is a detailed plan of the steps required to achieve the ultimate goal. Refer to the list of information you wrote down on that piece of paper during the last step. (your first milestone) This isn’t rocket science. Using your information, figure out how many steps (mile stones) it will take you during that first year to implement what is required to achieve each mile stone using the resources you have. As time goes on you will need to change a few and add a few as your business grows. You should plan to meet (with all your partners) frequently during the start up period to implement these changes and track your progress.

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