Have you ever been at a stumble with your blog? Or maybe you want to create a blog, but the one thing that you lack is Blogging Ideas. Well at least that’s what you think! I will list some things that can help you steadily build your blog’s content!

You’re Reading It Now Take It!

-So you happen to be on a particular blog that is in the same niche as you. So you’re reading his or her post and at the same time thinking about how you haven’t updated your blog lately! Well, if that article you are reading is intriguing to thine eyes, then “reread” it and soak it in. The reason I say soak it in, is so that you can have the ability to take that article and put it into your own words with a breeze. Now don’t get too frantic about the time this can take. All in all you can have a nice article to your blog in less than an hour for free! You see how quickly blogging ideas generate? More details please visit:-https://iwashere.com.au https://healthcareprotips.com/ goelist.com shopislamicclothing.com

Could Be Right In Front of You!

You might be surprised how a blogging idea right in front of you. Yes, that’s true, a full and complete article can be in the midst of where you are! Let’s say that you blog about “Deep Sea Fishing” and one weekend your family decided to go do exactly that. Well on that trip you catch a “Big Mouthed Bass”, but it got loose from your line by the time it hit shore! Believe it or not that could be a 400 to 500 word article just in itself! You could write a complete article about that event just telling things such as the fish’s strength and the conditions which may have caused him to break loose. Whoever said blogging ideas had to be so “difficult”?

Ask A Friend!

Last but definitely not least, for blogging ideas to come quickly just simply ask a friend with the same interest in your niche! Having a couple of friends who blog about the same thing is very useful to the success of your blog. So let’s say that you just really couldn’t think of a blogging idea for that day, “even with the great information I posted above” and you have John Doe as a friend who blogs in the ” hair cutting” niche with you. You simply just sit down with John and try to gather some ideas. This is what I tend to do with a couple of my students when it gets down to the ruts of writing as I have experienced some road blocks in my blogging as well.


As far as being a good blogger goes, you have to constantly keep your mind open for blogging ideas. With the things I have mentioned above you should be able to write an article in no time! Not only are these some good methods, but as you probably noticed, they are all free as well!

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