Rates of overweight youths have tripled in the past 20 years in America. Today it is estimated that over twenty percent of American youth are overweight and have trouble with healthy weight loss programs. This rising epidemic has stirred a great deal of new investigations. The problems are mainly seen in the interpersonal, social and psychological effects of serious weight gain or obesity (being 100# or more over ideal body weight) on youth. Healthy choices take commitment and support from family and friends.

Diabetes, hypertension and other obesity-related chronic diseases are more common in youngsters. Indulgent lifestyles, poor nutritional habits and inactivity are reported to contribute to the increase of weight or obesity in youth.

The Main Causes of Obesity in American Are Reversible:

Many American youths are dependent on fast foods for the daily sustenance but these fast foods cannot be considered as nutritionally healthy. They are filled with a lot of calories and chemicals which leads to weight gain as well as lack of adequate nutrition for development of body and brain.

The major cause of obesity in America and the trouble in losing weight is the disparity in intake, and the amount of calories burned off in the course of exercise or physical activity.

Some people eat nutritious foods but it is common to super size everything, even large portions at home inhibits them with control of intake. A steak may be nutritious but when over eaten, it makes anyone put on a great deal of weight. Habits are formed by watching TV, family habits and school lunches as well.

Another main cause of obesity in America is the lack of physical activity or exercise. American youth nowadays are more interested in television, computers and video games thus inhibiting them from any outdoor games or sports.o Some people resort to starving themselves, binging and purging or even anorexia, which obviously is an unhealthy method of losing weight. For anyone to eat less than is needed for proper nutrition is harmful. Even the weight loss surgery is not recommended unless it is absolutely necessary as the result is from moderate to extreme malnutrition which definitely affects your long term health. More details please visit:-freegaza.dk socialtindeks.dk dommerbystaal.dk

As they watch and play indoor games, they tend to eat more high fat snacks, which cause an obstacle in their healthy weight loss programs. Many medical professionals suggest that least thirty minutes of vigorous exercise everyday is a healthy choice for Americans to combat the rising epidemic of obesity. Healthy and wellness is a choice and until it is a priority, it is extremely difficult to motivate youth or adults.

One of the main causes of trouble with weight loss for American youth might also possibly be due the pressure which they feel to achieve more success in a short time. This leads to stress and youth often use food around them as a comfort. They also tend to suffer a setback in their food choices if they suffer a setback in their social life or employment.

Prevalence of Unhealthy choices:

Young Americans do not adhere to healthy choices. They eat, move and live all too often like many of their elders. The lives of the youth have become inactive with more of their time spent watching television or using computer than at play or doing physical exercises and indulging in outdoor activities.

In the midst of all the hectic lifestyles, more children tend to eat at the cheap fast-food outlets, where sugary drinks and high-calorie choices in enormous portions are served.

Smoking, drinking and late nights being very common, the youth tend to overeat and do not follow a routine sleep patterns. The prevalence of all these unhealthy choices leads to trouble in weight loss management.

Public health intervention a major tool for weight loss in America:

In some areas of the country, public health intervention has proved to be a major tool for increasing physical activity, reducing inactivity, improve dietary habits, and prevention of excessive weight gain. However, unfortunately in most areas it is not being addressed adequately.

Other methods include making the youth indulge in recreational dance classes and outdoor games, which helps the youth in gaining control over physical activity. These can lead to healthy social outlets as well. Schools could deliver higher quality health education and physical education to prevent weight gain and make healthy choices a life style. Starting a quality nutritional lunch program might be a way to start leading by example. Healthy weight loss programs come in many forms. It is the personal desire followed by support that is the key.

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