In my more than 20 years in public relations, one of the questions I get asked a lot is, “Well, why would the press care about me? I just work for a living, like everyone else.”

The truth is that experts are experts, no matter their field, and as the media has grown over the past decade, it seems there is an endless hunger for experts to comment on the news. Keep in mind the media encompasses 24/7 cable news networks, news/talk radio stations, print media and online news sites that cover just about every topic you can imagine, and then some. While your expertise may be in a “niche” industry or profession, you’d be surprised how many media outlets might have need of your opinions and commentary for their coverage of the news.

What’s more, your expertise need not be backed by a Master’s Degree or PhD; your own life experience can also be your expertise.

As an example, here’s a list of the types of clients we’ve successfully booked in a wide variety of media over just the last year: More details please visit:-

  • A graphic artist who writes children’s books
  • A pilot who specializes in crisis management skills
  • A life coach who counsels single dads
  • An anger management counselor
  • A civil war buff
  • A jobs coach
  • Multiple business consultants
  • A woman who rescues shelter dogs in her spare time
  • A priest who counsels homosexual Christians
  • Multiple financial managers
  • A former tax accountant who wrote a book about managing money
  • A former cop who wrote a book about losing his pension unfairly
  • A family who took their children overseas for an extended vacation
  • A woman who wrote a book about the Old West
  • A man who wrote a book about how to say goodbye to faithful pets who have passed on

Many of them were not experts in the traditional sense of having advanced degrees and 30 years in the business. Some of them simply had unique life experiences that gave them a different perspective on life.

Keep in mind we’ve also represented famous Hollywood producers and celebrities (if you saw the recent news about an upcoming Dynasty movie reboot, that was us) as well as politicians and top doctors, lawyers and business people in their fields. But we don’t feel you have to already BE a celebrity to qualify to get coverage in the media. The key thing you have in common with every celebrity is that at one point they weren’t celebrities either. Just like you. The truth is, if you have an expertise and a passion for your field, you could find yourself being spotlighted in the media sooner than you think.

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