Are you new in the field of news article writing? Then, it’s very important that you know and follow the acceptable format when writing these types of articles. Doing this will help you in convincing your editors to publish your copies.

Here’s the format that you should follow religiously:

1. Headline. Kick-start your news articles by using enticing headlines that can get your target audience to pay attention to your story. Since you don’t have much space to fill, use only few but very powerful words that can trigger certain emotions. Make your headlines very descriptive. It’s important to give your audience an idea as to what information they can expect to get should they read your articles. Use active voice all the time to save some space and to make your headlines sound more powerful and authoritative. More details please visit:- Sub-Zero Repair Locally Owned/ Brothers Run

2. First paragraph. This is commonly called as the lead paragraph. This is the most important part of your article as this is usually the only one being read by readers. In your first couple of sentences, tell the what, when, who, where, how, and why of your story. Try your hardest to hook your readers by using clever or surprising statement. You can also use jaw-dropping questions or provocative thoughts and ideas. These should help you get your audience to read on.

3. Succeeding paragraphs. Use your succeeding paragraphs give supporting details. I recommend that you use one or two quotes (those that are interesting) from people that you have interviewed. Ensure that you write in third person. Also, be very objective and don’t even think about voicing your opinions.

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