If you’ve always wanted to travel like royalty then now is your chance – the Queen’s customised Jaguar Daimler Majestic is now up for sale. News.sky.com has reported that “drivers who fancy travelling in royal style now have a unique chance”.

According to the Daily Mail website, keeping its regal touch by displaying the same number plate as when it was used by the Queen between 2001 and 2004, the Jaguar Daimler is being sold by specialist memorabilia dealer Peter Ratcliffe. Peter has said “this is a one-off chance to buy a car that was made especially for the Queen of England”.

The Jaguar was mainly used by the Queen for driving around the grounds of the Windsor estate, so it’s no surprise that the Daimler has only clocked 14,000 miles. The Geae Times website has reported that “nothing in the car has been changed from when it was owned by Her Majesty”, which is another unique selling point as well as the low mileage – a Jaguar enthusiast would love to get their hands on such a majestic machine. More details please visit:-https://www.woodadvisor.net https://www.bythewayhealth.com http://Techgeegs.com http://Khabraindaily.com Apnewspr.com newstimeusa.com dramacooli.org

Painted a shade of British racing green, the Daimler Majestic V8 has undergone numerous modifications to suit the previous owner. If it’s good enough for the queen I’m sure it will be good enough for the lucky person who can afford such historic beauty. As expected, this royal transporter comes with a hefty price tag of £65,000, which makes it a rather expensive second-hand vehicle – but considering the previous owner it’s no surprise really.

The Daimler could be perfect for a lady looking for a classy car with a compartment specifically dedicated to holding a handbag. One of the customised features of the Jaguar was an in-built section of the armrest designed to keep the Queens handbag in place while driving – this may come in handy for women who take about 10 minutes looking for their keys while trying not to drop their handbag.

Another additional characteristic of the Daimler which relates to the previous owner is the telephone link to 10 Downing Street. Unfortunately this is not part of the deal and the line has been deactivated – it could have been a pretty handy addition though if you got caught speeding.

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