Do you want the good news or bad news first?

One of the common errors poor managers make today is to shoot the messenger who brings them bad news. These managers typically want nothing but good news. They often see the bearer of bad news as negative, not a team player or a troublemaker. Their attitude is often:

·You are always negative.

·You are always complaining.

·You are never happy.

·You are a pain in the _ _ _

I will agree that some employees fit one or all of the above characterizations – from time to time however when you have an employee bring you bad news, do you typically :

·thank them

·criticize them

·ignore them

·berate them

·listen to them

·encourage them to tell you more

·listen to them


The point is, the closer you are to reality (either with a situation inside the organization or outside with customers or suppliers) – the better decisions you can make. And that will tend to ensure your success and organization performance. Shooting the messenger is a great way to ensure you are totally out of touch with the conditions, perceptions, attitudes, problems and challenges that are present in your department or organization as a whole. More details please visit:-

Here are a few ideas to consider the next time one of your employees brings you bad news or you perceive them as being disagreeable or disloyal. (Let me repeat – if all you ever hear is good news and never the bad news – you are contributing to your ultimate failure as a manager and possibly an organization).

-Create and foster a culture that encourages or even rewards bad news.

-Don’t just listen to the people who believe what you believe or know what you know. Step outside your inner circle of supporters from time to time.

-Don’t berate or criticize employees who bring you less than ideal news.

-Listen to them and ask for additional information on the messages they bring to you.

-Do something with what you learned and let the person know what you did.

-Empower people to be on the lookout for bad news.

-Put a system in place that permits all news – good and bad – to get to the top.

-Tell your employees you want it all: the good, the bad and the ugly – all the time.

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