It’s a well-known marketing sleight-of-hand. Yet, few do it so well. We’re talking about news about your business packaged as a press release, so that the media may have something to discuss that has your company name prominently featured.

Why do it? Because it’s one of the most effective soft marketing strategies around. Planned well and written creatively (with the help of your favorite writing software), they can end up spreading word about your company, even if the event in question isn’t particularly noteworthy.

How do you package news as a press release? For most, the way is to use an interesting story that’s indirectly related to your company, but warrants having you mentioned along with the piece. Such things can include: More details please

  • Human interest stories that involve your company in a small but notable way.
  • Current trends and hot topics that you can link with your business.
  • Sponsorships of noteworthy projects and events (e.g. you sponsored a race-winning solar car).

Regardless of what story you end up using, the most important thing is: it cannot be about your company. It should be about something else to which you’re an indirect participant, with included quotes that mention you sourced from individuals who aren’t a part of your business.

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