For all the network marketers who have been using Facebook to promote their MLM businesses, there is great news to share regarding their visitor traffic accomplishments that has never before happened in history. In case you were not aware, Facebook was the most visited website in the country ending March 13, 2010. So what does that really mean to you as a network marketer? Could this be signs that they should be utilized more frequently as a powerful leverage to build a better brand with the MLM company you happen to be promoting? One fact that still remains is that they get a large percentage of their visitor traffic from Google. So Google should be credited for their traffic accomplishment. Does this mean that you should be putting all your eggs into Facebook’s basket?

What Can Facebook Do For The MLM Network Marketer Today?

With literally over billions of searches going on every single second in Google, the opportunity for the network marketer has never been greater than now to grab a big slice of the free advertising pie. Not only can you advertise on Google for free, you can also do it on Facebook as well. More details please

Although millions of people do use their search feature to look for relevant content, Facebook is more of a content-sharing social networking community compared to Google. If you have not tapped into the power of their social media powerhouse, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Part of Facebook’s success as the no. 2 site in the world (despite their record-breaking feat of being no. 1 temporarily) is greatly attributed to the massive social interactions taking place on their interface alone in conjunction with content sharing. This proves the fact that content is king when it comes to the promotion of MLM products, services, companies, coaches, courses and the list goes on.

Facebook Content Does Get Indexed In Google In Massive Volumes

Despite billions of searches going on in the Google search engines every second, the same thing is also happening in their social networking site. If you are not taking advantage of these two highly leveraged traffic sources, you are really missing out big time. There are so many ebooks and courses on how to build a network marketing business on Facebook than ever before.

As a matter of fact, when you can do a search on their site to find content relating to their marketing strategies, there is a huge treasure trove of information for you to sift through with tons of nuggets of money making information that will benefit you in the long term. Visit MLM Facebook News to learn more about traffic generating resources for MLM distributors. And also visit my website [] to get access to a video presentation that will literally change your financial outlook on life. When you are done watching the video, register for the free webinar.

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