The report I saw today on the news really stunned me, on NATIONAL NEWS no less, it was said that the Swine Flu will infect 1/2 of the population of the country. Government officials are  warning the health care community to be ready for an over whelming wave of flu patients with serious Flu symptoms and complications. Here are some simple but important things that we all can do to limit our risk and prevent the Swine Flu from taking one of our loved ones.

1. Build and balance your Immune system- According to statistics it has been shown that the Swine Flu hits those who have a compromised immune systems hardest. Take action Right now, TODAY to balance and improve your over all immune system, this is the single biggest thing you can do to beat this Flu.  
2. Wash your hands FREQUENTLY, especially before meals and after using the bath room. If your out in public wash your hands after you shake people’s hands and before you eat a meal. Good hand washing, simple yet powerful. More details please
3. Improve your overall health-People most at risk from the Swine Flu have some sort of underlying medical condition.

Take action TODAY to get in better shape, your body will be a Swine Flu warrior if your in  a better shape. Get going on a physical fitness program right now before this Flu season get going full blast.
4. Vaccine– Consider getting the Flu Vaccine. I AM NOT ENDORSING THE FLU VACCINE. Because of the timing involved in developing this vaccine and the rush to get it out to the country, I am strongly suggesting you do what you think is right for your family with regard to the safety and effectiveness of the Flu vaccine. 
I urge you all to take steps right now, TODAY to protect your family’s health so you will not get hit hard by this H1N1 monster.

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