March is Women’s History Month in the Unites States. It is a time for celebrating women’s heritage and inspiring stories. Women have always had a role in keeping the history of their families and communities alive through storytelling, handing down recipes and keeping family treasures safe.

Using that as your theme, even you men, can write stories about what you remember the ladies in your family doing to keep family traditions in place, to help us all remember what was important to our families and our local communities. Even in the organizations we belonged to or now belong to there was a historian that kept track of the events on a yearly basis.

My mother taught school for a number of years and every few years she would have the children bring in a favorite family recipe. The recipes were compiled into a cookbook and the cover of the cookbook was the child’s art project for that part of the school year. That became the Mother’s Day gift for the child to give their mom. We always got to try all of the recipes and I still use some of them today, many years later, as they still are among my favorites. More details please visit:-

You can always celebrate the past in the present by noticing the stories and the happenings of the family and friends around you. Think back in your earlier years and see what you can remember and write about it. Others in your family might remember the events in a different way so have fun comparing stories when you are at family reunions or gatherings. See whose version wins for that event and next time bring another fun story about your family.

The history and the traditions usually are carried out year after year because they were special to those around us. Adding to those stories is the younger generations privilege and one that needs to be kept so we can see the progress we have made and the extraordinary things that have taken place in our lifetimes.

My grandparents went from horse and buggy days to the moon shot in their life span. Just think about what your families have experienced and be willing to share those stories with others. They are inspiring and encouraging to everyone when we read of events and the way that people were able to weather the storms or the happy events ans still continue forward in life.

Using the topics in the news like Women’s History Month, give us a place to remember and record our comparisons to what happened then and what is happening now. It can bring many happy memories and a few that are not so happy but both help us to make today a better place to be and encourage us to make tomorrow even better. Memories mixed with a little creativity can improve everything around us while allowing us to remember and cherish those things from the past that helped us become who we are today as individuals and communities and it’s also like having a flashlight on those things that can use improvement.

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