Pre-diabetes, the precursor of diabetes, has been detected in millions of people every year. Pre-diabetes can be termed as an intermediate condition where the person’s blood sugar level is high, but not so high enough to be diagnosed as a diabetic. Still, people affected with pre-diabetes can develop diabetes at a later stage, may be within 5-10 years after being diagnosed with pre-diabetes. So taking the necessary precautions at the early pre-diabetes stage will prevent the condition from developing in to fully blown diabetes.

A wide variation in the blood sugar levels is the diagnostic feature of pre-diabetes. Weight gain is strongly associated with the pre-diabetes stage which precedes the more dangerous diabetes stage. As we know, diabetes makes the person susceptible to a lot many chronic ailments like cardiovascular diseases, nephropathy and neuropathy. The basic strategies to control pre-diabetes stage are not considerably different from the diabetes management plans.

Elimination of the risk factors that eventually lead to the pre-diabetes state is the first step in controlling pre-diabetes. This involves reduction of body weight, leading an active life, and following a well controlled diet. Needless to say, many of the strategies to control pre-diabetes are not expensive, and a strong motivation and desire to lead a healthy life enables anyone to keep the disease of the modern world under control.

Weight reduction is not only important in the control of diabetes, but also important in the prevention of many diseases. Regular exercise and a balanced diet ensure that the person maintains optimum weight. BMI is a good and reliable indicator of excess weight in proportion to the height. Depending on the extra weight to be shed, one can choose a work out plan according to the needs of the body. Walking and jogging are good exercises that can be done conveniently under no supervision. Aerobics is also a good choice and it boosts the cardiovascular system.

Dietary control in pre-diabetics is as important as weight reduction and this must be continued lifelong. Inclusion of more fruits and vegetables, fiber-rich food and food items with proteins enable better control of the calorie intake. At the same time, the patient must strictly avoid refined and high calorie foods. Cutting back on the foods that have a high glycemic index is the basic strategy to prevent gaining weight disproportionate to the body measurements. A certain amount of dietary control indirectly contributes to weight loss while maintaining the optimum blood sugar levels.

When the diet has been restricted, there arises the need for nutritional supplements. Cutting down the extra calories in the long run, may result in nutritional deficiency, which in turn is overlooked in the early stages. The discovery of natural herbs that can control diabetes effectively has revolutionized the treatment of diabetes. Natural methods of treatment have become popular owing to the long lasting effects and almost nil side effects.

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