Kate is now wearing her hair in a hairstyle that was born out of the technique “Understanding Graduation”, number three in the collection from one of the dvd’s of Hairdresser-Training distant learning course.

This dvd shows the subtle ways the Graduation technique can be used to assist current styles and trends.

In the main, Graduation is only thought of in a traditional shape of the geometric haircut from the 70’s, the “Mary Quant look”, this is more commonly known as the Graduated Bob, recently re-created by Victoria Beckham, Posh Spice,in her new look that I recently described.

Graduation can be used in its subtle form to give lift to outlines on a haircut, such as Kate’s haircut, or it can be used to assist the outline to create interesting shapes on a layered haircut. If you cast your mind back to the days of the 70-80’s and the pop groups Duran Duran, and Spandu Ballet, you can see how graduation was used to give the shape from the outline to the longer layers of the lads haircuts.

To create the haircut, section the hair into quadrant sections parting the hair from, ear-to-ear and from the middle of the forehead to the middle at the nape area, making equal four sections.

Begin working on the side front section, either side, and cut an outline length with your 1st section, in Kate’s hairstyle, around a inch from the bottom of the ear, cutting the hair as close to the head as possible. Then take the same section, holding the hair about an inch away from the head, cut around a quarter-of-an-inch off the same outline. This may seem strange but bare with me. The next section, comb down and hold this around an inch-and-a-half away from the head and cut, using the previous section as your guide, cut on the same line as you can see underneath. This is creating graduation, work up the head with your sections and pull farther away as you work through the side of the head.

Now do the exactly same that you have done at the side of the head, but do this at the back of the head, creating this graduation. Once the other side of the haircut has been completed, it just a matter of drying the hair with a round brush, but blowing the hair upwards to give an exaggerated look of the hair coming out from the head.

Kate’s hair is then layer through the top sections, using medium length layers to give lift.

The technique shown on the dvds can then be used with a layering technique, (as used on Kate’s haircut), that helps the hair spike upwards, almost defying gravity. When this is combined with the use of products to give added texture to the look and a “Ruffled look”, you can then create the style Kate is now wearing.




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