Living happily ever after, being in love, having great sex and a wonderful life is what we all want right? If you’re saying no, who are you kidding? Here’s what you need to know.

We’re led to believe from society norms, the media and history that these things only come to a few and the rest of us have to compromise and make do.

In my experience that’s not true and the real truth is that every one of us can live happily ever after, with a marriage that is fantastic, if only we learn how to take the right action. Do stuff that works in other words.

Just like parenting, there’s no manual for a great relationship, we find out what works through trial and error. So doesn’t it make sense to learn from our mistakes and the mistakes that other people have made and do what works.

I know you’ve probably been told or learnt that if it’s hard work then it’s not right, especially in a relationship. Let me tell you, if it wasn’t hard work in the heady days of falling in love then it doesn’t have to be hard work now. Things have changed in your marriage for sure! You’ve changed, haven’t you? Absolutely!

Change is the way of the world, change happens and you either adapt or you flounder.

So, right here right now, renew your commitment to your marriage, to yourself and your dream of living happily ever after.

Happily ever after isn’t a place that you arrive someday, it can be here now if you do whatever it takes to feel and show love to your spouse. If your spouse isn’t number one in your life, then why not? The answer will give you some insight into how you’ve be relating to your spouse. Once you’ve done this, make a note of what you’re going to do to make them number one from now on. More importantly how will they know they’re number one?

Remember, commit to doing whatever it takes to making your dream a reality every single day!

Sarah Hart has learnt the hard way how to have a marriage and make it work like magic. She’s now a source of inspiration to couples who want to save their marriage or relationship. She knows what to do to turn an unhappy marriage around.

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