Did you know that approximately 90% of women aged aged over 23 have some form of cellulite? The younger you are the easier you will find it to reduce cellulite. Cellulite is actually caused by a build up of toxins in the body and unfortunately the older you get, the harder it is for your body to dispose of these toxins.

No matter what you have heard or read, cellulite is not simply fat. If you think about it, fat is smooth, whereas cellulite has a dimple-like texture. This is what gives you the cottage cheese butt and thighs and skin like orange peel! If you do suffer with cellulite, no doubt you want to know how to get rid of cellulite fast.

I’m sure you have seen numerous TV adverts suggesting that they have a product to get rid of cellulite fast, but what sort of results can you expect? There are many creams and pills out there, however, trust me when i say none of these ads is a miracle cure! Sure, some creams have been proven to reduce cellulite, but this is only a temporary fix. I think the more important point to consider is that some of these “remedies” can prove to be extremely expensive and may have some startling side effects!

The best proven way to get rid of cellulite fast is through a sensible diet, regular exercise and massage. There are certain home remedies that also may be of interest to you that help reduce cellulite. Believe it or not, one of the best methods that may help you to get rid of cellulite fast is coffee! Caffeine is actually an ingredient found in many of the costly anti-cellulite creams. Try smearing ground caffeinated coffee mixed with your regular moisturizing cream onto your affected areas.




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