The internet has greatly influenced the way people derive information today. It used to be that there was only a small percentage of the population using the internet. But because of its ease of use, it has become the main research device for most people. The internet not only appeals to the technological savvy of the younger generation but has now extended its influence to the older folks. People now prefer to use the internet over newspapers, magazines and books because it provides a fast and extensive access to a variety of information. By the input of a few keywords in search engines, you will be able to find the information you are looking for at a multitude of sites available online.

The growing population of online users has become a perfect breeding ground for the online access of current events. Available only incidentally as an added feature in many search engines, a significant number of online users now tap online local news and world news posted with search engines such as Yahoo and Google.

For many internet users, weather information tops their list of interests, followed by a rundown of pertinent politics and international news. Men regularly read political, sports, business and international news items online while women focus more on local news. Both men and women have a shared interested in weather, science and health, and entertainment news items.

Online news is slowly altering the global communications landscape with the availability of news online and the adoption of this technology as an alternative to conventional tri-media devices.

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