Ever since the introduction of the internet to the world it has change the business of how to show the news. Currently, old newspaper media giants like Rupert Murdoch, want to charge readers of his online newspaper website. A lot of the newspapers have either shut down or had to downsize because there was too much free content available on the internet. Mr Murdoch suggest that we, the consumer, have to pay the privilege of getting quality news report or journalism will be doomed.

Here are several reasons why newspaper websites shouldn’t charge for content:

1. They can make more money with online advertisement than on newspaper. With online advertisement, you can make run videos or audio in the background to attract advertiser.

2. There are too many free and high quality online news sites to compete against. The BBC and NPR are excellent news websites that sometimes has much better quality news than most local newspaper.

3. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have become the preferred destination for the latest and breaking news.

4. Plagiarism and copying of news articles is too easy on the net. If a person doesn’t want to pay for it, they can easily find copies of the article from different websites.

5. There are plenty of blogs on the internet that sometimes give a better perspective on the current news events than online newspaper.

6. If the website is free, they will have a lot more visitors and therefore more ad revenue.


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