A lot of people spend hours upon hours marketing their products or programs online. Many of them overlook the gold mine of print advertising. After reading this short article, you’ll have sufficient knowledge to go about making a killing with print advertising using methods that most internet marketers completely overlook.

Besides word of mouth, print advertising it’s the oldest form of advertising ever used. So what does it consist of exactly?

Print advertising consists of many things: news paper classified ads, magazine ads, post cards, flyers, business cards and more. Most people who promote affiliate products online completely overlook this under-tapped resource.

Usually people want immediate results and don’t want to wait a month for a magazine to come out or even a few days for a news paper to run their classified. Although there are plenty of news paper and magazine ads directing people to affiliate products, the saturation is remarkably low compared to some of the spam ridden avenues online!

It’s best to utilize every form of advertising in order to achieve maximum results. Why not run an ad in a large metro news paper and see how it does? Keep in mind, news papers don’t expire after a day or two… They lay around and get reread and re-circulated. Think of the last time you went to the dentist or into a doctor’s office. Chances are the news paper in the sitting room is a few weeks old!

News paper classifieds can work wonders for any affiliate program. Just use the same principles in writing and targeting them as you do with online ones. Here’s a powerful tool to help you get started:. These guys have amazing resources and many packages available to fit any budget.

Magazines also serve as a great form of print advertising. Although you usually have to wait a few weeks for it to be published, the targeting and residual effect more than makes up for it. There are literally thousands of them to choose from in any given market.

I mentioned word of mouth earlier. There’s nothing like that personal interaction with eye contact and conversation to give credibility to you and your product or service. Don’t forget that business cards are print advertising. The situations in everyday life are endless for striking up a conversation and handing out a business card.

Now think about it. Have you ever mingled with someone at a coffee shop or in an elevator and the conversation led to them telling you about a website? Well there’s a good chance that you forgot the name of the website by the time you got home! Even if the URL is simple to remember, we still have a tendency to forget. Now if they had handed you a business card with their name and website on it, things would be different.


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