These days the shops and malls are awash with electronic goods of innumerable varieties, models, quality and values, specifications and of course prices. If you want to buy a camera or computer or say a phone you have a real serious problem on your hand! A problem of plenty! Technology news and technology reviews are now a great source of customer relief. These work in a three-pronged manner of attack; from the expert’s point of view, from the users and from product ratings.

Expert’s Point of View. Technology reviews give expert opinions on every one of the products which have been addressed. There could be as many as more than 50,000 such products spread over more than 700 varieties covering nearly 1000 magazines and websites. These reviews from experts are global. Besides, these experts are true professionals in their fields of expertise in which they have expressed their views. Finally, these technology reviews are based on actual field trials involving a very large sample size in terms of the equipment models and types.

Users’ Point of View Technology news and technology reviews respect the customers’ views. These views are placed alongside those of the experts. Though customers’ views are not as thorough as those of the experts they do serve in giving a balanced view of the products. Besides, since very sharp and clear images of the product are also placed, a very realistic and aesthetic appreciation is possible.

Product Ratings. Technology reviews provide product ratings on a percentage scale from 0 to 100 that is from worthless to excellent. An additional rating could indicate the performance value in test or the level of recommendation.

The Homepage. The homepage would indicate the product ratings and the number of reviews on display. It would be a breeze to navigate through the website which would also give the supplier details, their links as well as their indicative rates. These rates would be real-time so that an accurate comparison could be made.

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