Some of the factors a businessman should keep in mind while planning for his future:

High Risk in Business

Yes, the business is expected to give good returns, maybe even better than all other investment options available. But, there have been times where one has made losses, and it’s important to recognize that any business involves risk. As a businessman builds his exuberant life style and standard of living, its important that there is security during slumps and his long term needs

-child’s marriage, higher education, business capital for further expansion/ new business for children etc. are secured.

Is there a plan that can help him secure his long-term needs? HDFC Unit Linked Young Star plan offers an outstanding investment opportunity by providing a choice of thoroughly researched and selected investments, low fund management charges designed to give great maturity values and access to accumulated fund before maturity.

Key Driver for business

A businessman is typically in the driver’s seat where finances are concerned and should in fact be envied. However, due to his affluent lifestyle, several ailments may distress him. These ailments are now becoming commonplace in urban India like kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, cancer, major organ transplant etc.

What about the financial impact of these ailments? Apart from the immediate medical expenses that he may incur, it may also deviate the proprietor’s attention from his business.

How can he prepare for this situation? A critical illness benefit, in the HDFC Unit Linked Young Star offers a sum assured to take care of any such instance, so that one’s immediate financial requirements are met.

There’s more. The policyholder need not pay any more premiums for the policy for the remaining term as HDFC Standard life will pay premium on his behalf .The proceeds towards goals-like child’s marriage, capital for new business, education will be secured. So there is a double benefit.

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