I was recently at a non-mortgage convention and something struck me as being very interesting. No matter what business you’re in, different parts of the country react differently to what they are presented. I know that may sound strange, but let me explain. While at this convention, I was interacting with folks from California, Chicago, NE US, and Florida.

Even though we were all there representing the same kind of industry, the talk was completely different based on where you were from. Oh, there was nothing wrong with how it was being represented, it was just different and unique to each area.

Since I do a lot of writing for internet purposes, please visit:-https://circlesnews.com/ https://bluenewsdaily.com/ https://fortbeez.com/ https://flaxnews.com/ it really got me thinking about how this applies in the mortgage business, then I realized something.

Just because we are all in this business doesn’t mean we all do the same stuff when it comes to mortgages. Some parts of the country are more receptive to different kinds of them.

I say this not based on scientific study, not because I took a survey, but based on the different states I’ve lived and done business in and from the reactions I get from different things I’ve written and where these responses came from.

For instance, the West Coast is more keen to the Pay Option Arm than say Indiana. Florida is more reverse mortgage territory than Ohio, get it?

I say this not to say you can or cannot sell differen types of them in different areas, I say this more to possibly give you some insight as to get a better understanding of your target audience. Hey, in this whacky business we call mortgage land, every little bit of info helps, if you ask me.

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