The movie industry has certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1826 when Joseph Plateau and Simon von Stampfer invented a novelty toy that created the illusion of moving pictures on a spinning disk. At present, we have access to the technology of 3D animation, filmyhitblog digital sound effects, CG (Computer Graphics) animation, and high-definition images taken by equally high-definition cameras. Yes, these advancements have made the motion picture one of the greatest past times, but it would be an interesting experience to have this movie blog take up the lesser-known firsts of this well-loved form of entertainment.

1. The First Cinema
Many people attribute most of the film’s firsts to America. But few realize that the very first cinema that was ever built for the sole purpose of showing films was located in Paris. Of course, spillopperiet this cinema is nothing like our idea of a movie theater now. The first cinema theater was located in a converted room in a Parisian cafe owned by August Lumiere, wholepost one of the world’s earliest filmmakers.

2. The First Film Distribution Company
In the early years of film, there were no distribution companies present as most films that were featured were only locally distributed. But as the film industry grew, kvinnovasjon there came a need to distribute. The Duquesne Amusement & Supply Company was the first to heed the said need. What this company, owned by Sam Warner and his brother Albert Warner, was very simple. They distributed and exchanged motion pictures – much like how video stores rent out copies of films on tape. Nineteen years later, the brothers renamed their company Warner Brothers Pictures – the same company that we know very well today.

3. First Animated Feature-Length Film
Long before Wall-E, Kung Fu Panda, and Up, there was El Apostol, lilug a 1917 animated cartoon written and directed by Quirino Cristiani from Argentina. Unlike the three cartoons mentioned earlier, the very first animated film was considered a political satire targeting immorality and corruption; and was not intended for young audiences.

4. First Feature-Length 3D Film
While most the youth may argue that Avatar was the first 3D film to be released according to their memory, historically, ravinala that is not the case. A film under the suspense genre about a pair of man-eating lions that terrorize a group of hunters in East Africa in the 20th century titled Bwana Devil is considered the first 3D movie. It was directed by the radio drama writer Arch Oboler and had a film budget of $400,000 – a big difference from the $246 million that was spent making the 2009 3D blockbuster Avatar.

Taking a peek into the small beginnings of cinema, through this short movie blog, toptechpublisher makes one more appreciative of the origins of what turned out to be one of the most lucrative businesses with the most number of fans.


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