Ice hockey is a rough game! Hockey equipment is divided into two categories, i.e. General Hockey Equipment and Goal Tending Equipment.

General Ice Hockey Equipment

Ice hockey protective gear includes skates, hockey socks, shin guards, elbow guards, knee guards, jock straps, padded hockey trousers, gloves, wrist guards, shoulder pads, face masks, helmets, hockey sweaters and puck. Other than these, players make use of woollen and polyester socks as well.

Let’s take a look at why all this equipment is essential:

  1. Helmets: These are used to protect your head and face while slips and falls.
  2. Neck Guards: These help prevent injury from hockey sticks, hockey store pucks or skates to the neck as well as the throat.
  3. Shoulder Pads: These provide protection to the torso and the spine from flying pucks and collisions.
  4. Elbow Pads: These protect the forearm and the triceps against pucks.
  5. Gloves: These provide optimum protection to the hand and provide extra support to the thumb in order to prevent it from twisting and bending backwards.
  6. Shin Guards: Good quality shin guards can provide great protection to the shins, but do not provide any protection to the calves.
  7. Mouth Guards: As the name suggests! Mouth Guards are available in a few variations such as standard plastic guards or guards made up of custom-mouldable compounds to make it easy for the player to speak.

Goal Tending Equipment


Goalies are required to do two things, i.e. stop pucks and protect themselves. Looking at this, goalies are allowed to wear special hockey equipment. Ice Hockey Equipments for the goalie provide better protection for the front. Good equipment should provide optimum rear protection as well.

Here’s all that you would need to know about Ice Hockey Equipment for Goaltending:

  1. Goal Stick: It has a much larger blade than the regular hockey stick. The stick is mostly used to block but the goalie can make use of it to play the puck as well.
  2. Goal Skates: These skates have thicker blades with a larger blade radius and very less ankle support. These skates enable the goalie to slide to make for easy pad stops.
  3. Goalie Mask: These masks are carefully fitted to the players’ face so as to help him withstand high speed impacts from flying pucks. A number of hockey leagues have made it mandatory for players to use a throat protector or a neck pad for protection against pucks.
  4. Blocker: Blockers are worn on the hand and help the player hold the stick in its place.
  5. Goal Jock: A goal jock is used to provide protection to the pelvis.
  6. Goal Pants: These specially made pants are different from that of a regular hockey pant. They provide better thigh and hip protection with the help of extra padding.


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