We often hear and use terms without knowing the real meaning of those terms. However, it is not always easy to find these terms in a dictionary. One such term is “basketball picks.” Wikipedia has this to say about basketball:

“Basketball is a team game in which two teams of 5 players try to score points against one another by placing a ball through a 10 foot (3.048 m) high hoop (the goal) under organized rules. A regulation NBA basketball court is 94′ long (28.6512 m) by 50′ wide (15.24 m). Points are scored by throwing (shooting) the ball through the basket from above. The team with more points at the end of the game wins, but additional time (overtime) may be issued when the scores of both teams are the same.”

The rules of basketball are simple, and it is one of the most exciting and thrilling sports, making it very popular throughout the world.

With the passage of time, basketball developed into a very tactful game. New techniques evolved, including defensive and offensive techniques. Basketball picks are one such technique, 픽스코어 where defending and offending players use different techniques. A pick is also known as a term screen. A screen, or a pick, is a technique used by an attacking player to free a teammate so that he can receive a pass from another player or shoot.

Picks can be of varying types, such as on-ball picks and off-ball picks. On-ball picks are when you free a path for your teammate so that he can score or shoot. In this case, the ball is with your teammate. Off-ball picks, on the other hand, are used to make your teammate catch the pass. The attacking player (teammate), who is involved in setting up picks/screens and blocking the defender, is called a screener. The other player, who is freed from the defender, is called a cutter.

There are a few important necessities needed to set up a successful pick. Because a pick involves teamwork, both the screener and the cutter should be positioned appropriately. Timing is also very important. To execute a successful pick, the screener must first take a position, allowing the cutter to face him. The cutter then adjusts himself in a way that causes the defender to be pushed into the screening player or moved around, losing his position. However, a defender can make the picks fail by being able to get space between himself and the screener, allowing him to slide the pick.


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