Reverse phone lookup services are becoming increasingly popular when trying to prove that infidelity in your marriage. Gone are the days of whispers over the telephone, because with the new cell phone technology, your husband and his mistress can carry on complete conversations any time of day in complete silence. You may be sound asleep in bed and your husband could be texting his new girlfriend from the comfort of your bed without you even knowing.

Many times if your husband is using the phone and he gets a call from his lover, if your in the room he can hang up, or ignore the call until later. If she sends him a text, dirty text to send your girlfriend he can reply back when the coast is clear. This secret behavior can go on forever in the shadows without you ever picking up on it. Your husband can say his buddy is texting him about the big game, or a coworker is texting him about a project they are working on together. A cheating husband can receive dirty text messages and x-rated pics all day long without you ever knowing. The secrecy cell phones provide only add to the problem of marriage infidelity.

There are ways to catch the woman who is sending your husband those dirty text message. You need to run, not walk, to a reverse phone lookup service with the phone number that is calling your husband and get the facts before you lose your husband and destroy your marriage. here are a few ways to get that telephone number off his cell phone.


    • While his phone is one, ask to make a quick call to your mom, and look through the call log as fast as you can for a number you do not recognize that appears frequently on his cell phone.


    • When you cheating husband gets in the shower, you have a small window of opportunity to get that number off his cell phone and use it at a reverse phone lookup when he is not home.If he takes the phone in the bathroom, you really have a cheating husband on your hands, you are going to need to get creative.


  • If you are unable to get the cell phone bill you can try this trick. Call the phone provider and tell them who you are. Simply say your husband isn’t feeling well, and left his phone at the office, would they possibly give you the numbers that last called his phone so he can follow up from home. Run these numbers through the lookup service immediately.


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