It takes these two to get the job done. A common misunderstanding that people have is that they try to brand the Heart and Mind either good or bad. I was inspired to write this article after someone once told me “We shouldn’t always listen to our Hearts”.

What I mean by Heart here is, our all-knowing spiritual Heart, the Heart that knows what we truly want and need in order to be truly happy, our gut feeling. This is the Heart which connects us to the whole universe, the Heart which has the blueprint of our whole lives, ideasandmind and yet our Heart tends to be ignored because it doesn’t follow the conventional way of thinking.

And then we have our Mind. What I mean by Mind here is our Subconscious Mind, the one that takes care of our breathing and blood flow, our habit patterns, and the things that we aren’t aware of, the things we do unconsciously. Our Minds, can process millions of bytes of information in a second. This would be an awesome asset when we’re using it to achieving our goals.

I would like to say, before either of us make any judgements about the Heart and the Mind, that both of them are neither good nor bad, but are simply as it is, the truth.

When the word ‘Heart’ is mentioned, many people often assume that it refers to the emotions such as, Happiness, Joy, Sadness, Love or Hate. Here they say that the Heart would not always be right because it would be swayed by what we feel.

This is not exactly the Heart that you should be following, this ‘Emotional Heart’ is very different from the ‘Spiritual Heart’ that we are talking about. Bear in mind that the emotional Heart too isn’t good or bad either, but it depends on how it is trained and managed.

When people deal with the Emotional Heart, they say that it is easier to listen to the Mind, because the Mind can think rationally in emotional situations. This is, to a certain extent, pretty accurate. But when it comes to the matters of Spiritual Heart, the tables are turned. ideashackers

The Spiritual Heart would sometimes tell us to do things that make no sense at all and confuse our Minds. In this situation, if we listen to our Mind, it will tell us to stick to things which we are familiar with based on our past experiences. Our Minds will tell us to do things that we have programmed it to do based on what we think, say or do.

Here’s an example to help you clear it out, our Heart tells you to go and open up an ice-cream shop. To you, this makes no sense. Even though you like ice-cream, you feel like this is completely random and has nothing to do with your job now. Deep down, this idea interests you but for some reason your Mind says that this is a terrible idea and that you should not even bother to entertain this ridiculous thought.

Now, you know that the idea came from your Heart. But why is it that your Mind protests against an idea which came from the awesomeness of you Spirit which is probably trying to teach you something by opening an ice-cream shop?

Let’s say you do go on with this idea and decide to open an ice-cream shop despite those “logical” reasons not to. Here, your Mind would start throwing obstacles at you, so that the idea would not work out. But why? Why does our Minds protest these new ideas? That’s because the new idea at hand, which in this case is opening an ice-cream shop, is gonna break your normal everyday habit-patterns and is completely different from what you have programmed your Mind to do.

Your Mind which has never thought you would want to open your own ice-cream shop is probably wondering why you are asking it to do something completely different. It will take some time for the Mind to get used to the new idea, given that you are very persistent about it and constantly try to get your Mind on board the idea.

Meanwhile, your Mind would try to get you back on your everyday programming and try its best to make sure that you don’t change. This DOESN’T mean that your Mind is bad or evil. It is only doing what YOU programmed it to do!!! So be patient with it, but stay focused on your goals and do what your Heart tells you to do. It might take some time, but it’s the only way to convince your Mind.

You still need your Mind to get things done, you can’t do it alone. Your Heart and Mind will need to work together to make sure that your success is not short-lived. I hope this has helped clear up some common misinterpretations about the Heart and the Minds.


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