Ricoh toners and printer products are a trusted brand by businesses and home offices alike. The thing with Ricoh is that they do not formulate their printers around one particular type of work. They have an array of designs that venture off into completely different directions for the satisfaction of needs of even the most obscure companies. husamjandal

Ricoh has even made printers that focus on graphic arts. There are mass production printers that allow for the printing of graphic art in large quantities very quickly. The quality will always be exceptional and the performance will be high no matter how large or complex the order is. ricoh-printer

The engine construction is reliable and durable to ensure that your needs in production will continue to be met for years without complications. It supports a wide variety of media too. The professional finishing helps to expand the types of jobs you can accept. The print controllers in conjunction with the 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution quality advance the color further and focus the managing tools of each job to assemble sophisticated looking documents and also make the work flow easier. The color is amazing. The toners use oil-less fusing technology which allow for the exceptionally smaller particles to transform in a more uniform way and deliver sharper images and deeper fills. You can have commercial quality output with the matte finish it produces. This model printer also has advanced image stabilization which allows it to achieve consistent image quality. newsbreak

For a mass production printer you are getting programs that enhance the art of the prints. The screen settings, dithering pattern simulation and automatic trapping are all possible with the application programs that are included. You can also reduce errors and reprints on your final output with the programs. mastermovers

The prints come out at 90 pages per minute no matter the media type or weight. It stays at that speed even when auto duplexing. Keep in mind that this printer is specifically made for the graphic arts. To have a speed like this is really going to benefit productivity for this type of work. bishamconsulting

Printers like these are only one of Ricoh’s unique designs. They go above and beyond other brands in always thinking ahead and what the biggest missing link is that other brands can’t provide for you. Ricoh is the brand that is unique in the fact that it offers commercial quality, industrial strength and mass quantity. For more info visit these sites:, shorpnews.


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