Buying property in Turkey is becoming more popular each year so where does an overseas property buyer start to look for Turkish property? The area of Fethiye, Turkey could be just the place for a holiday home or investment property in Turkey. It has caused a flurry of activity amongst the British buying property in Turkey .

The town of Fethiye, on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, surrounded by mountains, water and lush forests is one of the most scenic and popular areas in the country. With its moderate climate, spectacular scenery and great beaches, it is an ideal location for the international property investor. The modern resort town, located 135 southeast of Marmaris and not far from the Greek island of Rhodes, is situated on the site of the ancient city of Telmessos.

As with much of the Turkish coast, buy property in turkey there are numerous historic and cultural sights in and around the new town. Overlooking the city is an ancient fortress built by the Knights of Rhodes. Rock tombs carved into the cliffs by the Lycians are a remarkable sight and date back as far as the 4th century BC. There is an ancient amphitheater in town and many more sights nearby.

Sovaliye Island and the beach resort of Calis are nearby and the town itself is in a protected, natural harbor of Fethiye Bay. This makes it an ideal location for boating, and the marina is quite popular. The Taurus Mountains meet the sea here, and the town is surrounded by dramatic hills and snowcapped peaks. The climate is ideal for growing, and the hillsides are full of pine trees and forests. 14 km from town is the incomparable Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon). Belcegiz Beach lies on the waters of Ölüdeniz Bay, one of the most spectacular lagoons you will every see. The white sands of the beach lead down to clear blue water, which reflects the hills and trees surrounding it.

Just north of Fethiye is the beach resort of Calis. This is a growing resort village with lots of new and off-plan properties available. It is an ideal location for investors looking for rental property as well as those looking for a beachfront home. Two bedroom off-plan apartments here are available for as low as £37,500.

Fethiye and the surrounding area offers the potential property buyer a number of options, from existing homes and villas to many new and off-plan units that are under construction. There are apartments, duplexes and townhomes from one to four bedrooms that are near the water and in the hills above town. With so many options available, it isn’t hard to find the exact property you are looking for.


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