Personal development is the key to free yourself from mediocrity. Your current level of thinking has created your current situation, so if you want to change your situation, you have to change your mindset.

Before you can change your mindset, you have to be willing to immerse yourself in various forms of personal development everyday. Personal development is not something that you do once, you can’t go to one seminar and expect your mindset to be changed forever, no matter how good the speaker is. If I had a dollar for every person that said, personal development “yeah I did that once” I would be rich. There are a few common traits of people that truly get great results from personal development. Personal Development Mentoring

These are: They will listen to audio material when they don’t feel like listening to it, they will read when they would rather watch TV and they will set their alarm 15 minutes early to rewrite their affirmations everyday before work.

I’m sure you have all heard that success is a decision. The same applies to changing your mindset. It is as simple as making the decision that I am committed to my future therefore I will be consistent with my personal development.

Below are a few different ways you can apply personal development to your life. It is recommended that you partake in all forms but obviously some more that others.


Developing a positive mindset is one of the most powerful life strategies there is. By using affirmations, what you are effectively doing is changing your self image using the power of auto suggestion. The aim is to use present tense incorporating powerful positive thinking techniques, positive affirmations and visualizations, it is possible to convince yourself that you are who you say you are. We can all use affirmations on personal level, but it is also extremely beneficial from a professional and business stand point. Using these techniques consistently will transform your life, your health and passion for life. Your friends and associates will comment on the changes they noticed in you and on how positive you are.

Some tips for affirmations

Affirmations are essential in changing you self image to allow you to grow in to a leader and person of influence. Affirmations should be done daily in the morning before you head to work and I also like to record my affirmations on my phone so I can play it back throughout the day.

Some Points to remember: Keep them short 1-2 lines is plenty
-Have a page of these bullet point affirmations and rewrite them daily for 21 days.
-Keep them positive, avoid using: don’t, not, won’t, etc
-They must be in the present tense, you should write your affirmations as if you already had all of these qualities. To help you create some affirmations, look and three or four people that you respect and admire. List ten qualities that they have that you would like, and develop your present tense affirmations around them.


Audio is a vital component of your personal development plan. Everyone has heard of the power of association which is exactly what audio is. When your driving around in your car, instead of being frustrated by peak hour traffic you can be listening to some of the most powerful, big thinking minds in the world. That is worth so much more than what you may first think. What I mean is, if you listen to only half an hour of audio per day, over the course of a year that is 182.5 hours of associating with big thinkers. Do you think that may do something change your mindset? Of course it would, and a point to make is that consistency is the key here.

Sign Up For Blogs

Signing up for great quality blogs is an excellent way to keep your attitude in tact. A blog on a social media site is a great way to be drip fed positive and motivating quotes, affirmation and posts. These blogs are also a great way to network with like minded people. If you are using LinkedIn or Facebook it is recommended that you also add value to the group or page by contributing your own posts. This will show that you are actively interested in other peoples thoughts and discussions, not just wanting to push your business or thoughts on people.


In a nut shell, seminars are so powerful because of the power of association. It has been said that you can figure out someones annual income by averaging out the income of their five closest friends. If this is the case, doesn’t it make sense to associate with wealthy, big thinking people? If you spend your time associating with these solution orientated people, then you can’t help but be positively effected by them. If I could give you any advice at all, it would be to mirror how these people think, act, walk and talk. Choosing the right seminars to go to is also important. Some seminars are extremely cheap but are still unbelievable for motivation, inspiration and association. However these cheap seminars are often tied in with network marketing companies. The mindset you need to have when it comes to seminars is, its not what the seminar costs that is important, it is what it will cost you by not going. Paying $12,000 for a five day seminar may seem excessive but the information you will come away with will impact your life forever. Only if you take action that is! The volumes of people that go to seminars and then two weeks later cannot remember what it was about are the ones that will never exceed in life. You need to be taking notes on what the speakers say and then work out how you are going to apply this to your life.


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