Today’s internet is all about free. Free video, free email, free music, free antivirus, you name it… Dating sites, however, still ask you for your hard earned money… Why? Well, it’s quite simple: Dating is big money. Sites like Lavalife, Match or eHarmony are rolling in the cash. Sites like these require you to pay for messaging, monthly, or otherwise, as you try to meet someone.
In your quest to find someone, you’ve traditionally had to have to buck up.

Not any more.

There’s a new breed of online dating sites, such as, which is a completely free dating site. is a completely free site with no tricks. Let me say that again: is a completely free site with no tricks. It has all the paysite features you’d look for in a site, but with no fees for anything, the way online dating should be.

How is that possible?

Well, you want to know how sites like manage to offer you free dating online? Simple. Advertising. The advertising revenue from the small, unobtrusive text ads provide with the revenue it requires to provide the service you’re looking for. does not have the massive overhead that traditional paysites have, since they’re site is quite simple, while offering all the features you’d typically look for, including instant messaging, forums, pictures, and their “Creep Factor” rating, which members 메이저사이트
to warn others when they have a bad date.

Free online dating is the best way to meet people, as it provides you with the same opportunity to find someone, but without the added expense of paying for messaging or monthly fees, like the old school sites do it.’s free dating site only asks that you create a profile before you view others, and that’s it. They don’t spam, they don’t sell their email lists, they just
provide you with the service you want. is run by Mike MacPherson, a seasoned Systems Administrator who was fed up with pay sites and their tactics. He decided to start to help others find their true love without the ludicrous expense of online dating sites. We had the opportunity to talk to Mike about the site, and asked him the following questions:

GFS: Mike, why did you start

MM: Well, it’s quite simple. I was a member at one of the major paysites, which I must say, eventually connected me with the love of my life, but not after spending a lot of money with them. I work in IT, and I know what it takes to run these sites, so I was not impressed with the costs.

GFS: What do you mean by “what it takes to run these sites”?

MM: Well, I run by myself. It’s not that difficult. The major sites have staff of a couple of hundred, that’s why they charge what they do. My response to your questions might take a little longer, but not by much.

GFS: Why don’t you charge? Why do you want to be a free online dating site?

MM: simple! I know people have better things to spend their money on, and that the best things in life are free…!

GFS: Will you ever charge for your service?

MM: Absolutely not. is a free online dating site today, and will be one in ten years.

GFS: Ten years?

MM: That’s right. My goal is to set the new standard for online dating, and to put the big pay services out of business. Their business model is not tenable. This is just like back in the day, when you had to buy your web browser from Netscape. Today, your browser is free. That’s what I see for online dating. Today, you pay. As more and more people realize that you can get the same level of service from for free, why would you NOT switch?

GFS: Well, Mike, I hope more people realize the they don’t have to pay, but can get free online datin


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