Medical transcription is not a new concept, it has been around as long as healthcare itself, though it has evolved to a great extent from its earlier form due to advancements in the process and technology used in this process. Today this is not only the process of converting audio records of the patient- healthcare encounter into text format, it is also a service which aids healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals by providing versatile services suited to the specific needs of healthcare facilities / healthcare professionals.

One of the major changes that has aided medical transcription to become more versatile is that provision of this service is not limited to the healthcare facility or the healthcare professional’s office. The advent of internet has ensured that these services can be availed from remote locations. This advancement has given birth to the concept of outsourcing. Outsourcing has enabled it to become an expert service that is provided and managed by service providers who specialize in this service, Imedical Healthcare Solutions adding value to the basic service. This means that healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals can concentrate on what they do best; providing quality healthcare and transcription vendors can focus on what they do best; providing versatile medical transcription services.

What is meant by versatile medical transcription solutions?

The word versatile has been defined as changing or fluctuating readily to external changes and having many uses or applications. By this definition medical transcription services would definitely be considered versatile.

Providing versatile solutions in this regard would encompass:

Adjusting to varying volume requirements: These services have shown remarkable versatility by providing quality services irrespective of the volumes of transcription required. Volumes of this service required would depend on the patient inflow which is impossible to predict. However outsourced transcription vendors provide services for varying volumes without compromising the required quality standards of:


  • Accuracy: Accuracy of the data captured in the transcripts is vital to the process of healthcare as well as the commercial aspects. Vendors meet high accuracy levels by using the right team and the right quality process to ensure that the integrity of the data captured is not compromised. They ensure that they have teams of specialty trained transcriptionists who can cope with varying volumes of any specialty without compromising on the quality. They also use a stringent quality policy to ensure that high standards of quality are met with.
  • Turnaround time: Healthcare professionals require information that is not only accurate but also available on time. Service providers ensure turnaround time commitments are met with by using the right team and the right technology.
  • Security: Maintaining security of confidential patient information is both a legal and moral responsibility. Transcription vendors ensure HIPAA/HITECH compliance, by educating the team, using the right processes and using secure technology.


Accepting flexible modes of dictation: Healthcare professionals are starved for time and would like to have options to dictate as per their time constraints using familiar modes of dictation. Transcription providers offer versatility in this by allowing the healthcare professionals to use flexible modes of dictation.

Providing numerous modes of document delivery: Versatile services are offered by providing healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities with multiple options for document delivery.

Providing editing services for speech recognition transcription: Though speech recognition or voice recognition does not provide total transcription solutions, some healthcare professionals have adopted it. But the accuracy levels of speech recognition transcription is 60% – 80%. Editing services are offered for such transcripts to improve their accuracy to acceptable levels.



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